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My favorite “Power Button” in Microsoft Word

“ImageThere are a lot of extra characters running around on your Word 2013 document that you can’t normally see. Every time you press a key – whether it’s the space bar, tab or enter – Word records it in your document. Add in to that mix the special section, page and column breaks, as well as fields for your Index and References, and you’ve got a stew that can really mess up your layouts.

The first step when working on the layout of a document is to look for those hidden features that affect the document so strongly.

It seems inevitable that our files sizes are growing larger while our computer software is growing more complex. Remember the days of floppy disks that were 500K? Nowadays we are seeing hard drives that hold terabytes of information and thumb drives that hold gigabytes. The real genius will the one who solves the problem of […]