Computer Instruction

After years of being the “go-to” guy for freinds and clients who are having problems with their software, I am proud to announce that I have added an instructional component to my business. I have designed special courses, such as an iPad course for the City of Hollywood, Florida, and teach the core Microsoft Office programs regularly. My clients include Broward County and the State of Florida .

Those who do...

  • My favorite “Power Button” in Microsoft Word

    My favorite
    My favorite “Power Button” in Microsoft Word There are a lot of extra characters running around on your Word 2013 document that you can’t normally see. Every time you press a key – whether it’s the space bar, tab or enter – Word records it in your document. Add in to that mix the special section, page and column breaks, as well as fields for your Index and References, and you've got a stew that can really mess up your layouts. The first step when working on the layout of a read more »

Classes you might be interested in

These are a few of the classes I teach on a regular basis. They are available in a 2 hour Executive Overview, 4 hour Introduction, or all day Intensive format.

Microsoft Excel 2013

  • excel-01-cover-tnExcel 2013 Level 1
  • excel-02-cover-tnExcel 2013 Level 2
  • excel-03-cover-tnExcel 2013 Level 3
  • excel-04-cover-tnExcel 2013 Level 4
  • excel-05-cover-tnExcel 2013 Level 5

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • ppt-01-cover-tnPowerPoint 2013 Level 1
  • ppt-02-cover-tnPowerPoint 2013 Level 2

Microsoft Word 2013

  • word-01-cover-tnWord 2013 Level 1
  • word-02-cover-tnWord 2013 Level 2
  • 3d people connect puzzles. PartnershipWord 2013 Level 3
  • word-04-cover-tnWord 2013 Level 4
  • word-05-cover-tnWord 2013 Level 5