Good People Doing Good Work #03

The season for giving is upon us, and a good friend of mine — Dick “Jetson” Brown — has clued me in to a great organization: The Advent Conspiracy.

Dick’s contribution to this concept, included working on the video promotion… Don’t you just love knowing creative people?

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can go directly to the website.

Give of yourself, not of your wallet… Whatever your religious or spiritual affiliation, this is one of those ideas that we’ve all talked about but few have ever done anything about.

If you, like me, are leery of religious organizations, I’d like to point out that this organization is not asking for money to support itself. They are bringing drinking water to people who are drinking from open sewers, and suggesting a way that each one of us can change the world at the same time we celebrate with our loved ones.

What a concept!

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