Web Design

By now, everyone in business knows that you have to have a website to compete. Gone are the days when one website would suit all readers. Businesses now stream their content to different audiences based on the information and the type of device being used. Flashy graphics look great on your computer, but what do you want to see on your smartphone?

WordPress for Creatives

  • What’s the big deal about WordPress?

    What's the big deal about WordPress?
    What started as an open-source platform for bloggers has become a major part of the web designer's toolkit. WordPress gets us closer than ever to the dream of separating content from structure. Graphic designers can design a website and safely turn content generation over to the people who own read more »

The web portfolio is bursting!

  • Copy Kat Audio

    Copy Kat Audio
    This website design features a clean open look and an online shopping cart for people to choose from among the more than four thousand items this entrepreneur has to sell. read more »