A Return to the Essentials

  • Websites
    Websites: Engage your audience with dynamic website design.

The advent of so many different media to design for has opened a lot of creative doors for designers, but each media has its own strengths and weaknesses. I work closely with clients to ensure that my designs for today will work well in tomorrow’s collateral materials.

My business has grown over time to include four very different areas, all of which take full advantage of my experience and willingness to help you grow your business:

  • CDA Graphic Design – I have been designing corporate collateral materials since 1987, and have worked with traditional typesetters, web and offset printing press, as well as screen printing and dye sublimation. With the addition of websites in the mid 1990s, the world has opened up.
  • CDA Computer Training – The experience I have gained with the Microsoft Office and Adobe family of products naturally evolved into training others. My goal is to teach you the most proficient and easiest ways to use these programs in your daily life. Classes are available for organizations, as well as one-on-one tutoring.
  • CDA Computer Tips – So many people have asked me to grow my training into an online presence that I created CDA Computer Tips for everyone to use as a resource. It’s always free, and always up to date with the latest tips and techniques.
  • CDA Online Services – You can’t work in this business long without having to find dependable people to purchase your domain names, web hosting and email programs from. I have partnered with a national provider to give you 24-hour ease of use tools, along with massive discounts and small-business service.